Valkyrie Sky

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Server Time (PDT)

You have to install a flash player to see the server time.

Step1 l Game Start

Log-in to Valkyrie Sky to purchase cash items. Items can only be purchased from in-game store.

  1. Cash Shop
    Click on the Shop button located bottom left corner of the screen to enter the in-game cash shop.

Step2 l Cash Shop

You can check the outstanding balance of your account.

  1. Cash Shop
    Click on the CASH SHOP to enter the in-game cash shop.
  2. GKash
    If you do not have enough GKash to purchase an item of your choice,
    click on “Add GKash” to purchase GKash from, Add GKash page.

Step3 l Cash Item shop

You may categorize items using Item Category option.

  1. Item Category
    Click on the tab to review the items in different catagories.
  2. Gift / Purchase
    You gift the item to your friend or buy it for yourself.
  3. Open Cash Item
    You can see the purchased items. (Cash item inventory)

Step4 l Purchase / Gift Items

You can either purchase the item for yourself or gift it to your friend.

  1. Purchase
    Review the selected item and its price before you click “OK” to complete the transaction.
    Once purchased, items cannot be refunded or exchanged for others.
  2. Gift Items
    Review the selected item and its price before you gift it to your friend.
    Make sure to enter correct character name or select one from the friend list.

Step5 l Purchased item

Once the transaction is completed, check your Cash item inventory and confirm the item purchased.

  1. Open Charged Item
    Click on “Open Cash Item” to open the Cash item inventory.
  2. Charged Item
    You can check the cash items purchased from the Cash item Inventory.

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